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Shock Effect whitetail products is a family owned company with over 22 years of combined experience in testing live whitetail. All of our products have been designed from using this experience combined with one of the world’s best Micro Biology Laboratories. The only true way to test any supplement is to have live whitetail at your disposal in a controlled environment. We have three test locations which give us a good variety of elements to test in. We also have tested with the top deer breeders and whitetail veterinarians in the world for the last several years. Shock Effect is the future in all natural whitetail nutrition and is the top antler supplement being used in the whitetail breeding world.


Testimonial by Shaun Reed

shaun-reedWe picked this up at the Iowa deer classic last year and as they say the proof is in the pudding. We just top dressed the feed we put out for the deer at a location by my house. So there are deed and coons and everything else eating it. This is what we estimate as a 3 ½ year old deer my son shot Saturday night. This was his first deer ever and his first with a bow. Your product works. I have a 13 year old that is on cloud 9. What is unique about the dear is the basses are not that big then he just explodes after that. I’m sure he didn't get a lot of the top dress but he had defiantly got some.

- Shaun Reed


Keith Warren Video
This video by Keith Warren is an overview of the Shock Effect product. You will see a demonstration of how to apply it to deer feed and will also learn why this might be the best kept secret in the deer industry. There is also a post video interview that talks about the effectiveness of using Shock Effect after a seasons use.


Testimonial by Nooner Ranch

“At the Nooner Ranch, during the 2012 antler growing season we used Shock Effect nutritional supplement on a group of whitetail bucks. We feel that Shock Effect improved the health and hair coat as well as the antler production.

It appears that the antler sizes was increased by increasing mass, number of tines and tine length. By feeding Shock Effect the increase in antler size moved most bucks up one or more price categories, and justified the cost of the product. We plan on making Shock Effect part of our production system.”

Ray Favero PhD. / Consultant
Gene Naqvin / Ranch Manager
Nooner Ranch, Hondo, TX


Testimonial by Pleasant Acres Whitetails

“Steve and Faye,

Just wanted to let you know how much we love the Shock Effect conditioner. We started using it for our does and fawns last year after fawning season (unfortunately). This year we had the best luck with the health and stamina of our does and fawns. We had 41 fawns born and are raising 28 of those fawns on bottle. We did not lose on bottle raised fawn this year, we believe due to the health of the does, due to the Shock Effect conditioner.

We also had a very good conception rate, we had one doe that had 6 fawns, two does had 5 fawns and 2 does had four fawns. We had several sets of triplets and several sets of twins. We only had one doe that did not take AI. We will continue to feed the conditioner to our does and fawns, especially important for the bottle fed fawns as we wean them. Thanks again for this great product. Our does will be in the best shape ever for the upcoming fall breeding season.”

Jeff and Gayle Van Vorst
Pleasant Acres Whitetails – MI


Antler Development
Antler Development
Learn all the terms regarding bacteria and which ones are good and what they do.
Mineral Requirements
Mineral Requirements
Learn all the terms regarding enzymes and amino acids and what they do.
White Stomach
White Stomach
Learn more about how prebiotics and probiotics help breakdown and absorb nutrients in our feed.
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