Frequently Asked

Q. Is the Antler Enhancer supplement a mineral?

A. No, it’s a lot more. It has vitamins and minerals in it but they are to help aid in the function of the amino acids and other components that are in the Antler Enhancer.


Q. Is the Antler Enhancer designed to be used by itself and poured straight on the ground?

A. No, it is designed to be used in conjunction with a quality supplemental food source. For best results we recommend you feed out of a gravity feeder.


Q. How much grain is 1 pound of the Antler Enhancer meant to be mixed with?

A. 1 pound of the Antler Enhancer is designed to be mixed with 200 pounds of grain.


Q. How does the cost compare with other supplements?

A. If you choose the straight Antler Enhancer supplement and mix yourself it will cost you around .50 per pound. That is quite a savings when compared to most antler supplement products which usually average around $1.50 per pound.


Q. What is the protein and fat level of the Complete Feed Antler Enhancer product?

A. When combined with a basic corn and roasted soy bean combo it will be around 22% protein and 11% fat.


Q. Can I get the Antler Enhancer in a complete feed?

A. Yes, it comes in a couple of varieties. The first one is the Antler Enhancer which is a powder or pellet form designed to be mixed with a supplemental food source. It also comes in a complete feed mix ready to fill your feeders.


Q. What separates the Shock Effect Mineral from all the others?

A. The Shock Effect Mineral was designed based on CBC testing (complete blood count). We drew blood from some of the worlds largest whitetails scoring over 500″ during the antler growing season.  This information gave us the exact mineral levels in their blood streams. Nobody else has this info.


The world has never seen Antler Supplements like this before. It is the future and will set the standard on how we supplement feed.