James F. Staats
Tailormade Whitetails

I order and have things shipped to me a lot. I have never seen customer service like yours. I ordered shock effect on Monday @ noon and it arrived on Tuesday! That’s just amazing service!

Two years ago I started my bucks on shock effect and I saw all my bucks grow incredible mass and growth. Their antlers were dark black and remained that way right up to the time to shed their velvet…Their health not only in the antlers but their general over all condition was incredible! They all went into breeding season in top shape.

Last year I didn’t use shock effect and I saw the boys step back! Both in antler growth and their over all condition. What a huge mistake on my part.

As ranchers and farmers it is our response ability to the health of our animals. There is no doubt that shock effect took my bucks to the next level.

Thanks again from Tailormade Whitetails for a great product and I’m looking forward to working with you for many years to come.

Ray Favero PhD. / Consultant
Gene Naqvin / Ranch Manager
Nooner Ranch, Hondo, TX

“At the Nooner Ranch, during the 2012 antler growing season we used Shock Effect nutritional supplement on a group of whitetail bucks. We feel that Shock Effect improved the health and hair coat as well as the antler production.

It appears that the antler sizes was increased by increasing mass, number of tines and tine length. By feeding Shock Effect the increase in antler size moved most bucks up one or more price categories, and justified the cost of the product. We plan on making Shock Effect part of our production system.”


Clifford F. Shipley

“I used Shock Effect Enhancer this year and my bucks looked the best they ever have.”


North Carolins

“Over the last eight years, I’ve supplemental fed my deer with several big named products. Their body weight increased however there was never a year an increase in horn size or mass. In late March of 2015 I began using Shock Effect Products. As early summer of 2015 arrived, I began noticing that the bucks growing velvet horns where much heavier than over the past years. With summer going into fall, I could see that the bucks had more mass and more points than ever before.  Use Shock Effect and you’ll see the effect!!”


Coby Jent and Jerrilee (Cave) Jent

“In our first year of using Shock Effect at Clearview Whitetails, we experienced exceptional results in our bucks with the enhancer and in our does with the conditioner. The enhancer allowed our bucks to reach their true genetic potential and our does to produce big healthy fawns with little health issues.”


Jeff and Gayle Van Vorst
Pleasant Acres Whitetails – MI

“Steve and Faye,

Just wanted to let you know how much we love the Shock Effect conditioner. We started using it for our does and fawns last year after fawning season (unfortunately). This year we had the best luck with the health and stamina of our does and fawns. We had 41 fawns born and are raising 28 of those fawns on bottle. We did not lose on bottle raised fawn this year, we believe due to the health of the does, due to the Shock Effect conditioner.

We also had a very good conception rate, we had one doe that had 6 fawns, two does had 5 fawns and 2 does had four fawns. We had several sets of triplets and several sets of twins. We only had one doe that did not take AI. We will continue to feed the conditioner to our does and fawns, especially important for the bottle fed fawns as we wean them. Thanks again for this great product. Our does will be in the best shape ever for the upcoming fall breeding season.”


Frede Edgerton
President of Region 8 of the Texas Deer Association

“My name is Frede Edgerton. I ranch in South Texas and am President of Region 8 of the Texas Deer Association. I have a hunting operation in Jim Wells County and have had so for 25 years. Last year a good friend of mine introduced me to Shock Effect Enhancer. I knew nothing of the product and my buddy challenged me to provide it to my whitetail deer on the ranch. I have to say that the Shock Effect Enhancer seemed to make a huge difference in the antler growth on our deer. This last year we harvested the largest antlered buck we’ve ever taken on the ranch and I credit it to the Enhancer. I cannot be positive that the Enhancer is what made the difference but I feel confident enough to provide it again this year. We will see next fall if using the Shock Effect Enhancer produces the same results as last year. “


Keith Warren

“With so many antler growing products out there that simply do not do what they say they’ll do, I was skeptical about using Shock Effect. I am already feeding my deer the best supplemental feed on the market. But I’d heard so many good reports from deer farmers that where seeing great results, I decided to do a test on my own deer. The results became very obvious and now I had an issue. I really didn’t know if I wanted to tell anybody about it because I now really do have an edge over other deer farmers.

But, the secrets out. Shock Effect is a product that does what it is suppose to do. It helps big deer get even bigger! Before you start using any probiotic on your deer, make sure it’s the best one on the market. Shock Effect has discovered the Holy Grail when it comes to probiotics. Try it out on your deer and you’ll see the results for yourself”.


Loyd Ervin
Ervin’s Whitetails

“I have used Shock Effect for the last 2 yrs . Last year I had some of my best yearling to date. My Does look The best they have ever looked , because , they were in the pen with my buck Hydro Broad Ax (Official Score 335 3/8 inside spread 25”- 80 “ increase from last year), he was being feed the Genetic Enhancer so naturally the does were on the Enhancer also.

After researching several different ingredients in the probiotic market, I conclude that the Genetic Enhancer is the product for my Deer herd. I would recommend this product to any Deer Breeder or Rancher.”


Gaylon Thibodeaux
Thumper Ridge Ranch

“I have used Shock Effect Genetic Enhancer for the last two years and it has boosted my antler growth without a doubt. I believe it helps my deer get the most out of their feed ration. With the cost of todays feed it helps you get more bang for your buck. I have tried other similar product but nothing has come close to genetic enhancer.”


Coby Jent
Clearview Whitetails

“I used Shock Effect in 2011 and seen great results with the product. After seeing how dark and strong the antlers was, during the peak growing time is a real testiment to this great product. My deer will always be on Shock Effect.”


Delfred Brubacher

“If your looking for a probiotic that has results, Shock Effect absolutely works.Whether you need something for just does, bucks, or fawns, Shock Effect has all those individual packages.

To prove that Shock Effect works, I will give some examples.

Deer on Conditioner — we had several deer that were challenged health-wise. We put them on a elevated dose. Two weeks later we were shocked! These deer looked so different. They were healthy and had regained their normal weight.

Bucks on Enhancer — we started feeding Enhancer in 2011. We had phenomenal results. The antlers were very black. Also we had our first 200″ yearling in 2011.

Fawns on Liquid Dispersable — the fawns start with pellet stools sooner. The fawns had less health issues. Also they had better weight gains.

Thanks again for such an incredible product!! Keep up the good work!!

P.S. I will be sending pictures soon…”


Rick Griffith

“If you are looking for a great antler enhancer “Shock Effect” works. We started feeding it to our bucks in 2010, within 3 weeks I started seeing how dark the antlers were getting. This tells me that the blood is flowing.”


Loyd Ervin

“I used “Shock Effect” for the first time in 2010. I had a total of 5 two year old bucks. 3 out of the 5 scored 230-260. I was Shocked! I will use “Shock Effect” from now on. The proof is in the pictures.”


Nathan Blosser

“I firmly believe you need to get your deer in optimum health to produce genetic potential. “Shock Effect” has helped to keep my deer in good health. I would recommend “Shock Effect” to get the most out of your genetics.”


Russ Bellar

“I started using “Shock Effect” mid season (2010). The first thing I noticed was the antlers turning darker from the blood flow. “Shock Effect” was the only probiotic supplement we used on X-Factor and it was obvious the blood kept pumping late into the antler growing season. I know for a fact this product works and I will continue to use it in the future.”


Nate Beachy

I fed shock effect antler enhancer to free range deer this year for the first time and I was very impressed. I use it in three different states and was very impressed how they ate it and how fast the antlers grew. I used it on my farm in Kansas and was really looking forward for this hunting season because of the pictures I was getting on my feeder. The week before I left I get a call and was told that a poacher killed five shooter bucks this year and seven last year. So that definitely messed up my year this year but he did get caught. But I will definitely be feeding it in 2015 and watching the antlers grow. Thanks For A Good Product.”

Vern Mast

“I’ve been raising deer since 2009. In the beginning I used my own mix and I wasn’t satisfied so I tried a probiotics that’s been on the market for a long time and still wasn’t satisfied.I did notice the deer were more calm with using the probiotics but the antlers stayed about the same as the year before.In 2014 I decided to try shock affect and I was very pleased with the results.The antlers were dark all summer long,  way darker than with any other product I ever used,hands down! They finished really big!Its a great product!”